Fund Size, Investment Period, and Investment Size per Startup ?
The fund size is 3 billion yen. An investment period of 10 years and investment size per startup amounts to tens of millions of yen to 500 million yen.
Investors, GP/LPs ?
We are a Corporate Venture Capital fund, 100% owned by ALCONIX Group (GP: ALCONIX VENTURES CORPORATION; LP: ALCONIX CORPORATION). As the fund is 100% owned, we can quickly launch flexible supports to startups by utilizing ALCONIX Group's global network and resources.
Geographic Coverage/ Sectors/Stages ?
With a focus on business collaboration, we provide flexible investment and post-investment hands-on support to seed and early-stage startup companies engaged in cutting-edge businesses, mainly in the fields of Materials and Manufacturing (what we call, “M&M tech”).

・Electronics: Structural materials, Semiconductors, etc.
・Energy sectors under revolutionary changes: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Motors, Heat Exchangers, etc.

・Basic technologies to revolutionize manufacturing process: Material Informatics, AI, etc.
・Innovative Manufacturing Technologies and Equipments: Robotics and Inspection devices that drastically save labor and increase production efficiency, etc.
Post-Investment Support, and Focus ?
Utilizing ALCONIX Group's global network and resources, we provide a range of supports to startups; R&D, sales and marketing, through to logistics with focus on WIN-WIN collaboration. By doing so, we seek both business synergies and capital gains.
Exit Scenarios ?
After the investment, we provide a range of supports to startups, utilizing ALCONIX Group's global network and resources, with a focus on WIN-WIN collaboration. Based on the business performance to date, and market conditions, we will pursue the optimal EXIT routes — IPO, M&A, or in some cases, the acquisition by ALCONIX Group.